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ESP works with both athletes and individuals utilizing an individualized small group training (3-4 clients) approach, our clients benefit from the motivational aspect of training in a group, but get the individual attention needed as well. This does not mean that all the athletes do the same exact program. Clients train using his/her own individualized program.

We are a private gym, NOT a public gym.  All programs are individualized according to the clients goals.

Everyday we take on the mission of guiding individuals to success.

ESP’s mission is to impact the lives of those who we come in contact with.  Educate individuals on proper training methods and nutrition.  Create an atmosphere that provides individuals the best chance to be successful.  Motivate individuals to maximize their potential.  Educate individuals on how to become successful.

Athletic success is through hard work, determination and sacrifice.

ESP believes in coaching athletes on the challenges in and out of the sports arena.  Some days life will not go as you planned, and how you respond will determine your character.  Hard work and determination are keys to success.  The amount one is willing to sacrifice will determine their success.


Prevent Injuries- Healthy muscles and joints decrease the chances of injury. When an injury occurs a well conditioned, well trained athlete will not only recover from the injury but spend less time in limited participation.

Enhance Sport Performance- This is achieved through custom program design which emphasizes strength, speed, power, agility, flexibility, body composition, nutrition and conditioning.

Improve Mental Development- To develop the ability to maintain a high level of focus, maturity, accountability, responsibility, discipline, competitiveness and loyalty. In addition to the physical gains, the mental development achieved will excite the athletes and raise the level of athletic confidence, preparing them to compete and succeed.

Decrease the potential for injury by strengthening muscle tissue, tendons, and ligaments protecting joint structures.

Promote a MOTIVATING & INTENSE Atmosphere!


Rookie- Those who have no previous experience training

Developmental- Those who have little exposure to training

Prep-  Those who have trained for at least three years with our programs and collegiate athletics is a goal


Rookie- covers the fundamentals of training.  This is the athletes foundation and must be strong. 

Developmental- begin to introduce external loads with our main lifts, and more complex exercises

Prep- assists in preparing athletes for the collegiate level by maximizing their athletic potential. Our programs are specifically created for the individual athlete and the demands of the sport. 

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EliteTASC – Police/Firefighters/Military

Train like your life depends on it! Are you a police officer, firefighter or member of the military? Protect yourself from injury or death by training like your life, or someone elses’ life, depends on it! Train with an educated, experienced and certified sports performance coach. ESP prides itself on educating athletes on what is correct and incorrect in the field of strength and conditioning. Our knowledge and experience helps us prescribe the correct protocol for that individual. Programs are individually designed to assist in maximizing their potential with a focus on core development, balance, flexibility/mobility, functional movements, plyometrics, conditioning, speed and agility training, injury prevention and strength training.

individualized programs for general population 

ESP will develop an individualized program for your fitness needs.  Each program is based on the goals of the client.  Our programs enhance an increase strength, lean muscle mass, decrease in body fat percentage and overall increased cardiovascular endurance.

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