“I started working with Brett the spring before my senior year of high school when I was coming off of a disappointed junior season which ended with a shoulder surgery. As soon as we hit the gym, it was apparent the vast knowledge he brought to the table. I successfully worked on rehabbing my shoulder, while increasing my overall strength, speed and flexibility. This is what separated Brett from all of my previous trainers; he focuses on total athleticism. We stressed improvement upon foot speed, strength, flexibility and explosiveness. He pushed me to the extremes, and helped me become a better athlete, and build a great work ethic that has allowed me to be successful in college athletics. It’s no small coincidence that after working with Brett for 6 short months prior to my senior season that I not only made the state tournament for the first time, but I also placed. I would recommend Brett as a trainer to anyone who takes their athletic and physical pursuits seriously, and has that desire to reach the next level.”

-Trey Duncan, Naval Academy Wrestling


“I have been training with Brett Since my junior year of high school and four years later I still look forward to getting the chance to come home from school and train with him. I owe a large amount of my college volleyball career to Brett because after suffering an accident that left me with a back injury, Brett got me back to a stronger self and back to playing on the court. He works well with you and provides you with great workouts that focus on your sport or what you personally want to work on. I can’t thank Brett enough for all he has done for me and for how much he improved my strength, speed, and knowledge of lifting and conditioning.”

-Sarah Smith, Towson University Volleyball

“We’ve been sending the team to work with ESP since June 2015. The girls were very new to strength training. ESP did a great job of bringing them along at the right pace to ensure proper technique was used and a solid base was built…then the work began. The girls saw great improvements during each of the testing periods. The gains seen by the girls go beyond that of the measurable attributes like strength, speed and agility. While the gains in those areas are impressive, it’s the gains in things like work ethic, confidence and commitment that tell a bigger story. There is more than just intense workouts taking place at ESP. There is always time for a quick life lesson during a break. Brett and Justin do a great job of incorporating those lessons into the workouts when they are needed. The team has gone from one that wanted to have a workout but didn’t have a high participation rate to a team that truly doesn’t like missing a workout. That may be the biggest compliment I can give. “

-Chris Myers, Head Littlestown Girls’ High School Basketball Coach


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